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Art from the inside with Atelier des Lumières

The city's first digital art centre

From 244 €

A new artistic thrill has hit Paris: Atelier des Lumières – the city’s first digital art centre and hottest destination right now. The monumental immersive art exhibition features blown-up depictions of famous artwork, allowing visitors to – quite literally – walk around ‘inside’ paintings, digitally cast onto the walls, floors and ceilings. To mark the opening, Hotel du Petit Moulin is inviting guests to experience art brought to life, with a package including tickets to the new exhibition, just a short stroll away.

Paris’ new ‘Studio of Lights’ is set in a renovated 19th century foundry in the 11th arrondissement, with 26-foot-high walls and an immense 21,000 square feet of open floor space. A state of the art projection system, using 140 laser video projectors and spatialised sound, cleverly transforms artists’ biographies into an immersive technicolour spectacle. A carefully curated soundtrack of classical music complements the body of work, adding to the sensory experience.

To mark the hundredth anniversary of the painter’s death, the inaugural exhibition is devoted to Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and the main figures of the Viennese art scene in the 19th century. Klimt led the Vienna Secession, a movement that sought to break away from academic art. Both famous and contested, he paved the way to modern painting. The gold and decorative motifs that characterise his works are a symbol of this artistic revolution. The immersive exhibition includes the works that typify Klimt’s work and made him so famous—his ‘golden period’, portraits, and landscapes.

Not only do the size and scope of the exhibits allow viewers to gain a better understanding of the depth and richness of the art - but the multimedia approach will attract a younger audience, by appealing to several of the senses, and making art more accessible and interactive.

Hotel du Petit Moulin has long been a favourite address amongst the art crowd. Appearances are deceiving here; with an exterior that suggests the building is a local boulangerie, inside each of the hotel’s 17 rooms is a Christian Lacroix masterpiece. While the building was once home to Paris’ first bakery (and even the original shop frontage remains), the hotel is now a work of art in its own right. Some rooms are bright and colourful, others more understated; all are totally theatrical and tell a different story of the Marais.

This is a totally new take on an arty weekend in Paris…

Atelier des Lumières stays with Hotel du Petit Moulin are from 244€ based on two people sharing an overnight stay on a B&B basis with tickets to the Gustav Klimt exhibition. Thursday – Saturday stays include two cocktails at the Vinyl Bar. Stays are subject to availability.

“Gustav Klimt” is on view until December 31. “Hundertwasser, in the Wake of the Vienna Secession” is on view until November 11 at Ateliers des Lumières, Paris.