Pavillon des Lettres, 4-star hotel near the Pavillon de la Reine

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Pavillon des Lettres - the first Parisian literary hotel!

The Pavillon des Lettres, a timeless haven, combines the art of writing with the aesthetics of the decor in order to pay homage to both renowned and hidden talents of French and international literature.

The 26 rooms and suites at the Pavillon des Lettres, one for every letter of the alphabet, reveal the beauty and poetry of different authors.

The soul of a poet, writer, enthusiast, or genius is hidden behind each door, which gives the room a unique atmosphere, notably thanks to the extracts chosen and printed on the walls.

And because sleep thrives upon beautiful images, the central theme of these extracts will take hold of the invisible worlds of the night, dreams and poetry.

The story behind it is one of a meeting with an out-of-the-ordinary decorator, Didier Benderli. This is someone who is passionate about what he does…

Didier Benderli sums up his project as an alliance of the arts, a combination of literature, painting and sculpture to create a subtle dialogue between these different elements. With a play on colours and materials, the concept juxtaposes raw materials with silky and sensual fabrics, creating contrasting physical sensations to accompany the intellectual pleasure of reading.

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